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Personal injury can arise from car part manufacturer defects

Just as pharmaceutical companies can be held liable for defective medical devices or prescription drugs that cause harm, car part manufacturers can be held liable for defects which cause personal injuries.

Car accidents are not always caused by another motorist. They can also be caused by a defective car part which caused the vehicle to malfunction and the driver to lose control. In some instances, these crashes result in traumatic injuries, or even death. Common types of injuries which can occur from these issues in the event of a car accident or fire are wrongful death, lacerations, burns, fractures, traumatic brain injuries and disfigurement.

Oxycontin maker denies responsibility in opioid epidemic

In May of 2018, Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery, III, filed a lawsuit on behalf of all Tennessee taxpayers against Purdue Pharma, the maker of the highly addictive prescription drug, Oxycontin. Although initially filed under seal, the records have recently been ordered opened and have become available for public viewing. They contain multiple disturbing claims regarding aggressive sales tactics by representatives of Purdue Pharma, as well as false advertising.

Purdue Pharma has filed a request for a Knox County judge to dispose of the case, claiming no responsibility for the ongoing opioid epidemic. The company, according to its own records, was found to employ a marketing strategy that directed sales representatives to aggressively push the dangerous drug on overworked and under-skilled physicians. Those physicians were allegedly offered misleading prescribing information, thereby causing the drug to be over-prescribed, and leading to multiple fatalities.

Writing a letter of instruction to your executor

The preparation of a last will and testament is of utmost importance in the estate planning process to insure wishes are carried out according to your will. However, once you have secured a party to act as executor of your estate and have the necessary documents drafted by an attorney, there is an additional step to consider, which can make a huge difference for your grieving family. Write an informal letter of instruction to your executor.

Just because someone agrees to act as executor of a will does not mean that he or she has knowledge of the location, or even the existence of, all assets and documents. Many times, parents never think to inform their children of the existence of accounts, such as retirement, life insurance, stocks, bonds or even funeral wishes. Locating and closing these accounts will become the burden of your executor.

Knoxville air quality update

The air quality in East Tennessee has been out of compliance with the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for several years. Though now seemingly on the upswing, the effects of poor air quality can still be found.

According to, the Knoxville region has consistently had problems with ozone and particulate matter. These issues can be caused by both transportation as well as industry sources. Vehicle emissions along with industrial factory emissions cause the air to become polluted, making it unhealthy to breathe. In addition, when a region is designated by the EPA as a "non-attainment area", federal regulations apply and new businesses are restricted from moving in. This in turn hurts the economy.

Commercial truck companies held responsible in serious crashes

Massive hauling vehicles travel coast to coast across the United States daily. For commercial trucking companies, truckers being on time and ready to load and re-load proves to be an essential part of the business.

Traffic throughout Tennessee causes serious delays in transportation time. To make up for lost minutes, truckers may choose to speed, cause a massive accident and may injure any unsuspecting driver - including you. To file a personal injury claim, you must understand that although the driver of the vehicle may have broken the law, most of the time, a court will find the commercial trucking company to be at fault in addition to the trucker.

Probate litigation: When money and family collide

Ask almost anyone who has ever worked within the scope of a probate court, and you will likely hear them all mention one phrase heard time and again... "My family would never be that way." Spoken by parents, children, siblings, cousins, etc., it seems to be a common misconception that once a person is deceased, his or her family will have no problems getting along and agreeing on the distribution of assets. However, this is often not the case. One of the wisest decisions we can make when it comes to our family's peace of mind after our passing is to make sure we have provided a Last Will and Testament as direction.

Sadly, money can make people do strange things. Even the closest families can find themselves torn apart after the death of a loved one when there are disputes over what is left behind, especially those items that carry large monetary value. These are often the cause of probate litigation, and therefore, the need for a probate attorney.

Supreme Court orders investigation into waterways

Legal conflicts over waterways can quickly become very complicated, especially when they involve waterways that cross state lines, and therefore involve the interests of multiple states. In a ruling that could have implications for Tennessee waterways, the United States Supreme Court recently called for a special master to investigate a water dispute between two other states.

At issue is the Apalochicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river basin, or ACF, which runs between Georgia's Blue Ridge foothills and northern Florida before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. Florida has long contended that Georgia uses too much of the water, and that this causes harm to Florida's Apalachicola River, and even leads to higher salt content in its Apalachicola Bay, severely damaging its oyster industry.

How to handle a contract dispute with a supplier

In the ideal world, computers never freeze, employees are happy and healthy, and shipments always arrive on time. Unfortunately, most businesses do not run quite that smoothly. Employees get sick, and suppliers deliver products late. When your business is up against a deadline, this can hurt your bottom line. You may be wondering if a supplier’s actions or inactions have broken your contract.

Tennessee firefighter delivers first aid, comfort after car crash

A Tennessee firefighter recently comforted a new friend and was reminded in that moment why he chose a difficult and dangerous job. A photo of the fire captain cradling a young child after a car accident in which there were injuries went viral soon after he posted it on Facebook.

"It's moments like this," Capt. Chris Blazek of the Chattanooga Fire Department said, " I am reminded, this is why I do the job."

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