It is important that all motorists in Tennessee understand the dangers of cellphone use while driving. The grim reality is that those who manipulate their cellphone while driving can wind up essentially driving blind over the course of great distances. This is because when traveling at a high rate of speed it doesn’t take long to drive hundreds of yards in the briefest of moments. Therefore, sending a text, checking an email or surfing the web, even intermittently, can put other motorists at extreme risk of being injured in a car accident.

Perhaps the most tragic part of these wrecks is that they are wholly preventable. This is why the law allows a car accident victim to seek to impose liability from a negligent driver and, if warranted, recover compensation for damages caused. Of course, this isn’t always an easy task because defendants usually claim that they weren’t in the wrong. Instead, they may try to place the blame on the car accident victim.

For this reason, it is oftentimes of the utmost importance to approach these claims with the assistance of a skilled legal team like the one at The Hurley Law Firm, P.C. Our dedicated legal professionals know the law, the rules of evidence, and how to use them to build compelling arguments that further our clients’ best interests. We utilize subpoenas to obtain witness testimony and documentary evidence, and our legwork during the discovery process gives us a clear sense of the strength of our clients’ cases. As a result, we can appropriately advise our clients so that they can make the important legal decisions that they feel are right for them.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is about much more than recovering compensation. Although compensation is important, a successful legal claim can help an individual obtain a sense of accountability and allow him or her to turn the page on a tumultuous chapter of his or her life. We stand ready to assist these individuals in their fight to for a new start post-accident.