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Hours of service regulations seek to curtail truck accidents

Semi-trucks pose a significant risk to other motorists. A simple mistake in these big rigs can have serious ramification, resulting in a truck accident that leaves victims with serious injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries. Some of these victims are left permanently disabled. Other die. Sadly, even though minor errors can cause these tragic results, truckers often make more egregious mistakes that are easily preventable.

Knoxville firm stands up for those hurt in car accidents

It is important that all motorists in Tennessee understand the dangers of cellphone use while driving. The grim reality is that those who manipulate their cellphone while driving can wind up essentially driving blind over the course of great distances. This is because when traveling at a high rate of speed it doesn't take long to drive hundreds of yards in the briefest of moments. Therefore, sending a text, checking an email or surfing the web, even intermittently, can put other motorists at extreme risk of being injured in a car accident.

Dangerous cellphone use could lead to car accidents

Knoxville-area residents and tourists are often seen operating their motor vehicles while engaging their cellphones. Some of these individuals are utilizing GPS, while others are using the device for surfing the Internet, texting or talking. Regardless of how or why a phone is being used, it can take an individual's attention away from road. This can increase the chance of being involved in a serious car accident by as much as 66 percent.

Stopping distance affects the risk of car accidents with big-rigs

Semi-trucks make up a significant portion of the traffic on Tennessee's roads. These massive vehicles can be intimidating, and for good reason. Their sheer size can prove deadly in a car accident, as their increased weight can crush a passenger vehicle like a soda can in the blink of an eye. Therefore, regulations are in place to ensure that truckers operate their vehicles safely. However, despite these regulatory attempts, far too often truckers act negligently, thereby putting innocent motorists in harm's way.

Drunk driving car accident kills one, injures four

Drunk driving continues to occur in Tennessee, and, as a result, everyday Tennessean's lives are put at risk. An intoxicated motorist can drive the wrong way, cross over into oncoming traffic, fail to yield to pedestrians, neglect to slow for stopped traffic or fail to halt at stop signs and red lights. Any of these situations can result in a car accident that has tragic consequences where innocent individuals are injured or killed.

Statistics show the danger of distracted driving

It's no secret that distracted driving is a growing problem across America. In fact, studies have shown that distracted driving accounts for about 25 percent of all car accident deaths. This is staggering considering that more than 3,400 people were killed in distracted driving wrecks in one year alone, 2015, and another 391,000 were injured. Motorists mistakenly think that they can glance down at their phone, a magazine or food without missing anything on the road. Yet, given the speed at which an individual may be traveling when attention is taken off of the road, a significant distance may pass without a driver even seeing it.

Tennessee firefighter delivers first aid, comfort after car crash

A Tennessee firefighter recently comforted a new friend and was reminded in that moment why he chose a difficult and dangerous job. A photo of the fire captain cradling a young child after a car accident in which there were injuries went viral soon after he posted it on Facebook.

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