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Changes to Knoxville's zoning laws remains stalled

Navigating Knoxville's zoning ordinances can be a nightmare. And the stakes can be high for those who are deemed to have gone astray form those regulations. In fact, a violation of zoning laws can result in massive fines that can leave a business devastated. But that's not all. The government may also require a business to remove a structure form the property in question, which can be an expensive endeavor.

Can verbal promises be enforceable through business litigation?

The business world in Tennessee operates on contracts, which, in their most basic terms, are legally enforceable agreements whereby each party promises something to the other. The best practice is to commemorate these agreements in written form, so that there is no confusion as to each party's obligations. Yet, there may be instances where a verbal promise becomes legally enforceable. Sometimes silence can even constitute an agreement.

Business litigation and fraudulent misrepresentation

In the business world, a lot depends on the creation of and adherence to contracts and other agreements. These contracts can pertain to just about anything, from funding processes and supply chain functionality to employment terms and work processes. Of course, there is often a lot of negotiation that occurs before these agreements are formalized, but sometimes false promises are made or important facts are inflated in order to close the deal. When this happens, legal action may be justified.

Consider legal help for breach of contract issues in Tennessee

Previously on this blog we discussed the remedies that can be sought for breach of contract. In many cases, those who have been wronged seek compensation for their financial losses. Then, they may either seek to continue the contract or rescind it so that no further obligations are owed. Proving breach of contract and recovering this compensation may sound easy enough, but the truth is that it can actually be quite complicated. Parties to the agreement may have differing accounts of the event that is alleged to have caused a breach, and the terms of the contract itself may be vague or ambiguous.

Business law and the commercial property lease

Starting and expanding a business in Tennessee are two completely different, yet equally challenging, endeavors. It requires extensive legal know-how and fully informed decisiveness that is on-point. This applies to every aspect of a business, from business formation, hiring employees, entering into contracts and even finding the physical space in which to carry out the business. Knowledge and foresight is key when addressing any of these issues.

Remedies for breach of contract

Contracts are legally binding agreements that, in the business world, are the driving force of just about everything. Contracts can address terms of employment, supply chains and terms of sale. When parties competently negotiate these contracts and adhere to their terms, the business world can run quite smoothly. However, far too often one party fails to live up to its obligations under the contract. This is known as a breach of contract.

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